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Investing in having your CV professionally written is one of the critical factors in making you stand out from the crowd. With the internet awash with CV templates and articles on how to design a ‘killer CV’ you can find yourself confused and disappointed in the results you achieve through applications, job boards and recruitment companies not coming back to you.

Why Choose The Winning CV?

We are highly trained and experienced in English grammar, writing to advertise, and writing CVs across all careers and levels.

We take pride in providing a complete, bespoke service from initial in-depth consultation through to an open, collaborative amendment session where we address all concerns, new ideas and questions. We take as much time and care as is needed from start to finish to ensure documents that serve your purpose and that you are proud to call your own.

We offer this high-quality, comprehensive service at one of the most competitive prices you’ll find on the market.

Contact us to book your free no-obligation CV review today, or turn to the CV services section for more detail.

 Getting Past Advanced Recruitment Techniques

With ATS (Automated Tracking Software) being used by all recruitment companies, if your CV is not covering specific algorithms for the job you are applying for, you will not be put on shortlists or invited to interview. We work with you to achieve a compelling interview-winning CV. It’s not all about your CV, though, recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates, so if your social profile is not attention-grabbing, somebody else will fill that interview slot.

Getting a job is not just a numbers game sending numerous CVs out to as many companies as you can, introducing yourself through a Cover Letter, making it personalised, and mentioning something about the company you are applying to. Quality over quantity is the key; recruiters will soon tire of receiving the same CV for numerous jobs they have if your CV does not meet the skillset. We offer a Free CV Review service if you want to see how your current CV compares.


We use the same tools as recruiters to give you an edge!

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